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JJ Bioenergy Limited, a process engineering company, focusing on improving energy efficiency for industry based on thermal storage.

We have developed energy systems to recover industrial waste heat and curtailed electricity respectively based on innovative Phase Change Material which can bear high temperature up to 800c.

Our research won us two awards from Innovate UK in last two years.


We can help make your power generation flexible by integrating Thermal Energy Storage(TES) units; recover and store your waste heat, use it at site or supply it as heat source for District Heating Networks.

Service 1:
Heat recovery from EAF off-gas and reuse for ladles’ preheating for a stainless steel manufacturer in Sheffield

Service 2:
Integrate Thermal Energy Storage with EfW/Biomass Plants

Service 3:
Turn curtailed electricity to thermal storage and then heat supply

Service 4:
Recover waste heat from industry

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